Radial Health?

Hey guys

Just wondering, why dont we have something like “Apply Radial Health”, the way “Apply Radial Damage” works? could be so easily to manage AoE Healings. What could I do to make a AoE healing properly? I thought on my spell actor to create a collision sphere, and get all overlapped actors and then apply the health. Would this be the proper way to do it?


//edit: negative value (damage) could be a solution aswell… maybe

Just code it yourself, engine cannot have function for every imaginable scenario.

Healing is just Damage with a negative Damage.
You can easily implement a Damage Type “Healing” .

Without even worrying about DamageType, you can simple ApplyRadialDamage with a negative value.

Healing and damaging are just different ways of saying “adding or subtracting health.”
This is exactly the functionality you’re looking for – not a hack or a workaround.

If you want to trigger additional effects, simply add a Branch node off of “Event AnyDamage” that checks if Damage is less than zero.