Radial force that affects player movement?

Hello all,
I’ve been attempting to create a throwable grenade that creates a negative radial force to suck in players and objects.

My shortcoming has been that no matter how I configure my radial force, it doesn’t seem to affect my character.



Thanks :slight_smile:


The issue was my character was not properly simulating physics. I ended up using object and trace channels for collision detection.




I also managed to tweak it to work with time dilation B)


Yes, that singularity effect is what im going for,

You want something similar?
(Alpha) Immersive Magic System. Rune, gesture recognition for mouse/VR.

Oh, that’s not easy)

In short terms, use physics thruster, calculate vectors and rotate thruster in a right way) Don’t forget to turn on physics when something touches grenade collision sphere))