Radial Force doesn't Work

I have the following set of nodes:


And everything works, except that Fire Impulse seems to do nothing at all.
The force that I expect to come out of the middle of my bundle of dynamite, doesn’t do anything.

It doesn’t damage or it doesn’t push anything at all. What could be the cause of this?
What am I missing?

Can you post a screen of the component settings for your radial force component?

Did you try to set impulse to some ridiculously high value? Maybe it is just too weak to do anything.


I tried using it on a destructible and that works, but it has no effect at all on any other actor whatsoever. I would imagine that if you use dynamite to destroy a rock, shouldn’t that same impact make little meshes like, say, barrels start flying too?
I can’t get that effect using Radial Force.

Okay, I just added an Impulse Force of 1 million. Now it affects other actors than destructibles.

But destructibles now fly away at the speed of light, right? I had this issue, haven’t really looked into it though.

It depends on the size of the prop actually as UE4 does calculate Mass in Kg.
But they don’t fly away at the speed of light at least.

Another problem though: How do I place a destructible in the level without it falling apart instantly or as soon as something touches it?
It should be as solid as the rest of the level, and only be destroyed with the appropriate force applied.

I have sort of achieved it now.
I turned of “Simulate Physics” and turned off “Enable Hard Sleeping” but kept “Generate Hit Events” on.

Now the mesh stays in place, and doesn’t explode until my dynamite does 1000 damage to it. Perfect.
Only problem is, the stone sticks out like a sore thumb:


It has the exact same texture as every other rock in the picture, but still it’s like the shading just goes out the window.

No one got anything on this? ^