Radial Damage not damaging Physics Actors

When triggering ApplyRadialDamage, pawns are damaged, but nearby other physics actors are not. It would seem the code is looking for overlaps based on World Dynamic Actors. What settings can be used on the target physics actors so that they receive the damage?

I have set the physics actors to generate overlap events. See attached screenshot for their settings and for the ApplyRadialDamage call.

Hi KMcPherson,

How are you handling the damage event inside of the physics actor BP? I just tested this with your damage dealer setup pictured above and this is working on my end.

If I’m misunderstanding your setup, please include extra steps or a small repro project.

I process off of Event Any Damage. Works fine for bullets. If I put a breakpoint there it never gets hit for the radial damage.

If I go to an empty / starter level, it works fine. It doesn’t work in our real game play level because something we can’t determine is blocking the line of sight check or not including these physics actors in the array of actors to be damaged for other reasons.

So if I place a blueprint of the actor next to the old one that wasn’t working before, the new new blueprint actor works and the old one does not, even though they are the exact same thing. The other weird thing is that if I shoot at a barrel next to the canister, it hits the canister instead, like it has some large collision around it that I cannot see. The bounds on the static mesh are legitimately small. It has a sound component attached to it, not flagged for collision, and even if I remove that component, it still seems to be hit by bullets far from it. What could cause an Actor to have expanded collision bounds beyond that of its single and very tight static mesh component bounds?

Looks to me as if the old blueprint actors in the level are jacked. Even though I had changed the parent blueprint, the instances of it are jacked. So I will go through the level and replace all the old instances with new instances of the blueprint, and that seems like it will fix it.

Seems like the real bug is that changing the master blueprint actor, didn’t change the instances in the level for some reason. If I click on Edit Blueprint on the instances, it all looks current, but something isn’t right. If I delete all the instance in the level and place from the master blueprint actor, then they work. You can close this out. Thanks.

I’m glad you got it working. In the meantime I’ll keep an eye out for any other reports of re-parenting errors similar to this.