Radial Damage Not Applied When Origin Is Colliding

Hey guys,
I have an issue when using the Apply Radial Damage blueprint node. If the origin of the damage is inside the actor, the actor will not take damage. Is this intended behaviour and is there a fix?

Damage is caused: (Red = Attacker, White = Radial Damage Sphere, Red = Attackee)

No damage is caused:


Hi ToddyH,

This is intended behavior. The ApplyRadialDamage works on the Visibility channel and when it’s origin point is inside of another actor, that other actor is essentially invisible.

Here is some more info on exactly how the ApplyRadialDamage works.

I’m not sure why you want the radial damage but if this is for something like a melee weapon I would suggest just adding a trigger box around the weapon and then just apply normal damage to the hit actor. However, if you need the radial/falloff damage, you could do this by creating multiple trigger boxes that apply different levels of damage.