Radial Damage dont works


can someone tell me why radial damage doesn’t work for me? I’ve watched a lot of videos, but none of that helps.

Here is my Dynamte (Name is “Item”):

Here is the Radial Damage if the item is exploding:

and i want deal Damage on my Actor:

but nothing happens :confused:

Is the “Apply Radial Damage” Node part of your Character Blueprint ?

What is “self” as damage causer? If “self” is the same Actor, that should receive the damage then you should check the docs again:

Especially the “Damage Causer” part.

no, it is a Dynamite_BP

Here is a Video:
>Click Here<

Here is the Radial Damage if the item
is exploding:

Does the dynamite actor get destroyed? If so, when? Before or after applying damage?

What does the output say? Is it true/false? Is there something that might block/prevent the damage? See the “Damage Prevention Channel”.

i dont get a output hmm

I mean the return value of the “Apply Radial Damage” Node.

Maybe it is either blocked or your actor is destroyed before damage was dealt. You could try adding a Damage Type Class but this should not be the issue.

DestroyActor isnt connected
what can cause blocking?

Documentation of the “Damage Prevention Channel”:
“Damage will not be applied to victim if there is something between the origin and the victim which blocks traces on this channel”

That is why I asked whether your output result is true or false.

Did you try applying “Damage Type Class” and see whether this helps?

I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work either. No output.
i check now radial damage with damgetype

Not Output with Damagetype

I’ve tested it in an empty scene and it works fine.

Do note that the radial damage performs a trace using the Damage Prevention Channel - perhaps something is blocking it.

now its working… idk i deleted the Item and created a new one… the main thing is that it works properly :smiley: Thx for helping and the fast answer

I’ll leave this here, because I myself encountered a similar situation: there may also be a problem that the ‘dynamite’ actor blocks the application of a radial explosion - you just need to add the dynamite actor itself to the ‘Ignore Actors’ array in input of ‘Apply Radial Damage’