radeon rx 580 performance with ue4?

hello i want to buy a new video card for my machine, it’s time to upgrade my old amd radeon hd 7970. i know nvidia cards are better option for ue4, but i’m on a budget and i have almost $300, can’t buy a gtx 1070 or gtx 1080 with that money.

i’m just wondering if anyone here has made test or is working with ue4 using a radeon rx 580?

how about it’s performance with lighting, materials and ue4 in general.

thanks in advance for all the help.

It should be fine, you’re not going to get a specific benchmark for a graphics card working with UE4

thank you for the information @darthviper107

RX 580 are currently way overpriced because of mining, so a GTX 1060 is both quicker and cheaper. Why do you specifically want a RX 580 and not a GTX 1060?

i just though the rx 580 was fastest than the gtx 1060