Radar System with Minimap

Hi Guys ,

My Radar System with Minimap is released in the marketplace.


This is a Blueprint based minimap system with multiplayer support that uses Scene Capture component to detect nearby enemies and other points of interest.

With Radar System , you can quickly develop your own radar UI with minimap and multiplayer support. This system is designed keeping both single player and multiplayer games in mind, and HLSL based material helps you to easily create custom Arcs for your Radar Mechanism.

Features -

1>Fully Customizable HLSL based material to design your own unique radar UI
2>Minimap System to detect nearby enemies and desired points of interest
3>Scene Captured component adjusted to capture only the points of interest actors, thus preventing any frame rate drops even if the capture happens in realtime
4>Supports both Single Player and Multiplayer Games
5>Marker Destruction Mechanism
6>Ability to Design your own custom marker and add a variety of markers in the scene, varying in textures, colors and sizes
7>Add Texts along with the markers. Useful for cases where you need to show the distance of an actor from player.

we need a radar that can be put on an object can you do this?

Can you mention an example. You can definitely use my system to link with an object, but if you give details about what you are expecting , then it will be helpful.