RAD_HORDE - 4-player Coop Zombie Horde Multiplayer Template

**GUMROAD **- RAD_HORDE - 4-player Coop Zombie Horde Multiplayer Template (Unreal Engine 4)

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4-player Co-op Zombie Horde Multiplayer Template that allows you to survive waves of zombies with your friends. Using this template you can save a lot of time and create your own horde game very fast. Template works with listen and dedicated servers.

This template has third person and first person points of view. You have to survive waves of zombies alone or with your friend. The number of zombies increase every wave. You earn money by killing zombies and you can use that money to buy ammo and to heal yourself. 100% blueprint, fully replicated for multiplayer. This template has been tested and works with the Steam subsystem. [HR][/HR]



  • Full Multiplayer Support (By default uses the Steam subsystem)
  • Third person and First person points of view
  • Waves of zombies. The number of zombies increase every wave
  • 2 types of zombies - fast and slow
  • Observer system - dead player can watch for alive players and change observable player
  • Player stats - deaths, kills, score
  • Chat System (Lobby and In-Game)
  • Zombie AI with Spawn System
  • Teammates revive system
  • Ammo and Health traders


  • Rifle
  • Pistol
  • Damage indicator
  • Enemy hit indicator
  • Weapon drop and pickup system


  • Main Menu
  • Host Game
  • Settings
  • Servers Browser
  • Lobby
  • Player HUD
  • Help widget
  • Observer HUD
  • Kill feed
  • Game Chat
  • Scoreboard
  • Match Finish with players stats


Engine Compatibility: 4.24+
Number of Blueprints: 66+
Input: Keyboard and Mouse
Network Replicated: Yes
Rigged to Epic Skeleton: Yes
Supported Development Platforms: PC
Supported Target Build Platforms: PC
Documentation: YES
Email: bv01d7@gmail.com

Will consider for my Zombie Apocalypse Survival: COVID-26