RAD_HERO - Hero Shooter Template (Unreal Engine 4)



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RADHERO is RAD (rapid application development) hero shooter multiplayer template. Using this template you can save a lot of time and create game or game prototype very fast.
It works with listen and dedicated servers.

Also this template is really good as a learning tool, it has very flexible, extendable and easy to follow architecture.
It’s easy to integrate your own character, weapon system, etc… [HR][/HR]


  • Deathmatch game mode
  • Team Deathmatch game mode
  • Observer - dead player can watch for alive players and change observable player
  • Friendly fire
  • Player stats - deaths, kills, score


  • Invisible man - character and his weapons become invisible for some time
  • Shield Man - can place shield wall to protect himself and his teammates
  • Ice Man - can freeze enemies in ice cube


  • Rifle
  • Pistol
  • Weapon drop and pickup system
  • Headshot
  • Damage indicator
  • Enemy hit indicator


  • Main Menu
  • Host Game
  • Server Browser menu
  • Game Settings menu
  • Player HUD
  • Observer HUD with killer name
  • Kill feed
  • Lobby with hero selection
  • Match Finish widget with winner name


Engine Compatibility: 4.24+
Number of Blueprints: 60+
Input: Keyboard and Mouse
Network Replicated: Yes
Rigged to Epic Skeleton: Yes
Supported Development Platforms: PC
Supported Target Build Platforms: PC
Documentation: YES
Email: [EMAIL=“”]

RAD_HERO template has been released at ue4 marketplace - RAD_HERO - Hero Shooter Template in Blueprints - UE Marketplace