RAD tools contain a virus or something like that

I go to their website and omg they are evil as flip, anyone can share a clean file with the rad tools ?

By rad tools do you mean the free bink video compressor? I downloaded it a month ago and it was fine.

Hello my friend. What ant-virus you are using? I am using the latest RAD Tools and never had any problems. I use Norton Internet Security and configured it to never check my downloads folder. Even then, whenever some file I know is not a virus gets detected by Norton, I simply open the quarantine folder and then exclude this file from the quarantine and confirm that is not a virus, so Norton does not delete it again.

it is the windows defender O and N if you still have the installer can you send it to me please ?

Will go and take a look.

As a tip for a good and stable pc on resources/ cpu and ram ussage i recommen a combo of the eset node antivirus and ccleaner.Just be carefull as latest cc leaners have a virus insideā€¦
In my opinion windows deffender is harmfull, not to mention that is tied to all sorts of secret monitoring and data spy on your machine.I have forced disabled mine using rules.