Racing Wheel inplementation problems

Hey guys,
as the title says i got some problems with a racing wheel, it got stick shift. It works completly fine (steering, brake, clutch, buttons) except for the stick shifter. I can see in the logitech software that it works there just fine doesnt matter how fast or slow i switch gears. (even when i go wild on that thing) ive downloaded another checker software and it shows just fine there aswell. Other games work fine aswell. Its not an axis its (in my case first gear: “GenericUSBController Button 9” going upwards for each gear then reverse.

**Problem: **
90% of the time Ue4 doesnt detect that i am switching gears.

**Test Method: **
Binded “GenericUSBController Button 9 &10” in input. Then connected these two to print strings(Gear 1 / Gear 2) when released fire another string that says “neutral”

Proof that it is ue4 thats causing the issue:
****** on several other games and downloaded Wheel Checker to check its functionality

It seems like its not just the shifter also other buttons on my wheel respond so poorly (via ue4 with the logitech profiler everything shows fine also with “wheel tester”)

I figured out when turning the steering wheel and trying to press buttons they get recoginized even worst. Like ue4 has a limit to data that can be receive from hids…

Using unreal 4.24.3 fixed it and it works flawlessly now…

Would be nice if somebody has experience with that sort of thing (or just knows what the problem is) and could help me. Trying to make a little simulator (with vr and pedal feedback) for a friend since his driving school got cancled due to the virus (stay safe everybody)