Racing tutorial that unreal did. Doesn't quite work.

Hi all.

So I have completed the tutorial, racing time attack. Now must of the stuff works. However what doesn’t work with my unreal is the

Lap counter -keeps on ending the race as soon as I start the second lap. Also if I have 3 laps it skips the second and foes straight to the third

The splash screen doesn’t disappear after I start the race

And it doesn’t record my best times.

I would really appreciate it someone could help me complete this.
Also if you want to add me on discord so that we can voice chat (English). Supra#3644 (if it doesn’t work I will send you other actual name once I’m at my computer

If anyone could help me with this and has free time I will offer money to someone who can help me finish of my proof of concept because a few issues still need to be fixed