Racing game question - how to make 2-player/combat

Hello all!

I’ve begun learning UE4 and I absolutely love it. I’ve gone through a bunch of tutorials and lessons, including a couple of tutorials showing how to make a time-attack race game and I’ve been able to create one that works well. What I need, though, is to make a race game that’s two player: instead of beating the best time, I want to make it so that there’s two players in split-screen mode competing against each other, and at the end there’s only one winner.

I’ve done so much Googling and can’t find anything out there to help with this. Does anyone know of a good tutorial out there that shows how to make a head-to-head race game blueprint? I’d greatly appreciate any help anyone can offer. Thank you!

First click Drop down button by play, -> multiplayer options 2 players. For Interfaces that each player should have their own make sure to do “add to player screen” not viewport. Make sure you create 2 players and each with their own controls. Rest of it pretty much is time attack but making sure you record 2 sets of data (one per player) then compare them to see if either one finished the race.

Ahh thanks! The logic definitely makes sense… I think now I just have to figure out the syntax of it all and how to make the blueprint. Thank you!