#rachaelisnotreal - Automated 3D Design Influencer on Instagram

Hi guys,

I’ve just released a project I’ve been working on in the last months. It’s a conceptual design study and a critical examination of “design” imagery in the fast-paced social feeds of Instagram. All the images are generative and the software automatically posts these to the account @rachaellic](Login • Instagram). It’s part of my long-term research project “loadandland” and therefore a continuation of the exploration of alternative usages for game engines.

Rachael is probably the world’s first fully automated autonomous 3D design influencer on Instagram. Built with Unreal Engine 4, her capabilities are specially designed to create “likeable” images representing popular visual languages on the platform. Since May 2020, she has been posting to the Instagram account @rachaellic](Login • Instagram) one new image per day. She will continue posting without any human intervention, as long as the computer she is running on is online.

There is a lot more information and imagery here: #rachaelisnotreal — MATTHIAS WINCKELMANN
I’m planning to continue developing the platform, so if you are interested make sure to stay tuned for more!

Wow, such a great idea!
How did you come up with the building blocks? Did that come from research or did you have a way of selecting them?
Are the backgrounds also dynamic?

Thank you! Happy you like the idea!

I designed all the building blocks - they consist of multiple different palettes of different scaled objects that the algorithm can choose from randomly and therefore build a unique composition every time depending on what blocks it chooses.

The background color is dynamic, but the scenery is curated in the sense of that again there are a certain amount of scenes and arrangements that it can choose from.

It’s all a careful balance between randomness and control, in order to still have a huge variety of outcomes but limit the chaos of too much randomness.