Race Track Pack [Submitted]


Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I have a race course pack up on Trellos voting page right now. This pack contains a highly detailed super car(rigged and ready to go), fitted with a great looking and versatile car paint shader, as well its comes complete with full LODs. Along with the car is an environment pack of assets that you can use to build any standard race track. There is also a demo scene for you to get in and drive around in :).

You can find out more info on PolyPixel.

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask. And before you do ask, I’m aiming the price to be around $75.

And heres a video if you’re interested.


great pack and very interesting … but i don’t understand what you mean with (comes complete with full LODs) !!:confused:

Hello dear Spahr,

Can you possibly post a screen of the modular track in pieces? Need to see if I can use these pieces over my terrains.
Also, these cars have sounds while driving?


Yosrit: The vehicle has LODs 0-4.

Maximum-Dev: Sorry, there is no extra sounds with the driving. I looked into it, and its so complex that I think it would require its own marketplace submission (which I may do one day along with damage, if theres any interest int that). But this package really just contains the base art with some standard functionality.

I just took a quick screen grab in UE4 of track assets. Basically its a few boarders/walls, track edging with front/end pieces for easy splining. Basic road geo with a shader that has a bunch of grunge and damage parameters. Also a few decals. The rest are just background props like advert banners, overpass, BG buildings etc.


what is the license on the car, since it’s Porsche 918?

This was an original concern with Epic. Epic wouldn’t be allowed to see it if there were copyright issues. I spoke with them and we removed any and all logos and things to connect with any license issues. Also theres a lot of things removed, added and changed to the body and detailing. Its clearly inspired by Porsche, but there shouldnt be any issues. While Epic and PolyPixel have had direct contact with Porsche to get the green light, this asset is very comparable to other assets sold through a plethora of online stores. Its called ‘super car’ in the project files for a reason.

Hopefully that answers your question.


Spahr: I recently acquired your pack … before the Sale … and when the pack loads, my landscape textures are not displaying correctly. Some of the areas are textured correctly but a lot are just showing the standard World Grid Material.

Is this something you are aware of or is it a new bug in 4.13.


I am currently in the midst of converting our packs into 4.14, when I get to racecourse pack, ill have a good look at the landscape. Thanks for the heads up.