Race Ghost - How to Record and Replay an Ghost Car in UE4


This tutorial addresses one of several possible ways to create a Ghost Car system on Unreal Engine 4.


-UE4 + Vehicle Template Project (basic)


-Creating required classes
-Configuration of Pawns
-Variables and basic functions

-Functions of Ghost -Test

Project Files

Download the sample files: RaceGhost_Tutorial


Português (BR)

Bto its really nice but I need to make replay system for my multiplayer arena project do you have any idea how can I do this?

Easy man.
demorec filename record demo to file
demoplay filename playback demo
demostop stop demo recording
built into the engine using demonet driver…

Search for those things, should get you started…

I am having one issue with this is when bringing the array from the ghost save game to the game mode it won’t let me connect the create save game object to the car info array on target. I got the car info array in but it won’t let me attach it as a target. It says it is not compatible with it.