rabbitMQ with UE4

Hello, guys.

I’m on a project to create a communication between an Android app and an Unreal app for Windows over the Internet.

I have intermediate knowledge of Android programming and basic of C++. A friend of mine suggested me to use RabbitMQ libraries to manage the communication.

I didn’t know that library, but after studying it a little I’ve found out it’s easier than I thought to implement basic functionality. It has libraries for many languages, including C++. I’ve already manage to create the Android app with it and it’s working fine.

Now I need to do the UE4 portion of the thing… I’ll need to add RabbitMQ C++ libraries into my UE4 project and create some code to use that. I’ll need some Blueprint Events that will trigger when specific messages come from the Android app via rabbitMQ service. And some Blueprint Nodes that can send specific messages when some specific events happens in the game.

Problem is that I don’t have huge knowledge about UE4 C++ code. I need some light to at least have an idea about what kind of UE4 coding stuff I should look into to implement this. There are too many things and I don’t have the time to master everything about UE4 coding before finishing this project… Could you guys point me to the right direction to solve this? Ideas of alternative (and easier) ways to implement, more specific tutorials or any sort of material that could guide me…


hey @rabellogp ,
Did you find a way to integrate unreal engine with RabbitMQ.