RAAG Random Ambient Audio Generator

Hi @ll,
I have some background ambient sounds/loops, running all on 80BPM.
The sounds in the rows are sorted by type Arp/Bass/Drum/Pads/Beats…
When i setup a randomfunction for playing, i get nice, but pure random sounds.
Only five of each type connected now.
I trigger it with collision, to enable and disable.
Inside UE there are so many cool audionodes, modulation and eq for example.
Is there an easy way with blueprints to make something like here or here?
A bit ingamecontrol over the randomness would be nice.
One “small” problem is, it should not be to overcomplicated, or well explained, for an amateur like me. ^^
Some weirdo ideas, out of reach for me are:
Perhaps you can pickup items (soundfiles) to mix them together at a soundstation, with the options, like shown on the website.
It would be then no big problem, to let the game gain control over the mix.
Sure it is possible, but for me? :slight_smile:

Hey Luftbauch!
I thought you could be interested in this thread
Epic hired an audio programmer a while ago, for audio overhaul and further development so be ready for changes and new stuff which may help you. Details in linked thread.

Ty again El Presidente!
Yes, interested.

Uhoh, some random generated robots talking for ten minutes.
Sometimes it fits well.