'r360PanoVr' - "omnidirectional stereoscopic 360 VR camera shooting /capture solution" test on UE4

I tested panoramic capturing function ‘r360Pano’, camera animatable 360 camera/capture solution by Unreal Engine 4,
now it was updated to ‘r360Panovr’, omnidirectional 360 stereoscopic (360vr) feature, and trying 360 VR composite with mono eye live action 360 video.
This feature would be big help for ideal 3d 360 VR image for big screen base VR contents.
Btw I’ll go to TGS2016 in Japan, and gumi’s TGS After Party in Tokyo, if you will go, we might meet!

r360PanoVr test video(privacy -Unlisted)

r360Pano(mono) - test video