"r.ViewDistanceScale 0" makes the complete world invisible

Hey Guys,
I´m working on the ingame settings of my game and have a little problem with the “r.ViewDistanceScale”,
everytime I set the slider to 0 (to turn off the grass), the complete world gets invisible (I can´t see the landscape, any player or foliage, only the sky is visible).
Here´s a picture of the widget:

I had to multiply by 10 or the world would be invisible below 1 and the grass would only be visible at near distance to the camera^^

If no one knows what I´m meaning, here´s the picture of the problem:

Any issues in the blueprint?
Or do I need to use any other command to only control the grass?

I have found only this page for commands:

r.ViewDistanceScale is culling everything, its the scale any oblect needs to be on screen before it gets culled, so your biggest actor, landscape and sky are the last to go.
what you want to adjust is foliage.MinimumScreenSize, this takes large floats, 0.0 will turn all foliage off, start with something like 0.00000001 and go up from there.

Thank you, but foliage.MinimumScreenSize at 0.0 turns all foliage on, 1.0 turns nearly all foliage off (the grass can be seen about 5 meter around the player and trees about 50m)^^
I have changed my r.ViewDistanceScale now to min 0.1 multiplied by 10, this helps to don´t cull the landscape or meshes who were placed without the foliage-tool.

If I change both to min value, I can see trees, 5m around the player and meshes who were placed without the foliage-tool, from far distance.
Now I must play with the settings, I want make 1 option with both of them, maybe I can find a way to only cull the trees and rocks not this extreme like the grass.

Is there no command to only make the grass invisible?
Where do you have found the “foliage.MinimumScreenSize” command? I have found some pages in the www with console commands, but no one had any commands with foliage or grass…