/r/unrealuniverse, a community made RPG game on UE4

This is not the name, we haven’t decided yet.

So this is a community driven and community made game running on UE4.

We haven’t decided where it would take place or how we are going to call it. These choices and all other decisions are made by the whole community. We try to avoid strawpolls for making decisions since we are trying create some sort of community where everyone is excited, and no one left behind to say: I don’t like this (we might do a few strawpolls though, because making everyone agree might be sometime difficult).

Anyone can get involved or discuss by creating a reedit account.

So it’s right there:

I understand the intent with not wanting a straw poll, but there will basically never be any conclusive agreement without one.
It is usually understood that game design shouldn’t be done by committee … I think it would be best to have a closed group establish the settings and mechanics and then open the floodgates to the community to establish a fully realized universe, with community models, maps, quests, etc.

I understand your point. About the straw poll maybe a week to debate ideas or more, and then a final vote.
About the small committee, unless we realize it would be better with, I’d prefer to avoid that. But it doesn’t belongs to me to decide. I’ll start a discussion asap on the sub about community and game management.
we are a community. We are not trying to make money and we are not in hurry. We are here to have fun, and I believe that if we have fun, the players should have fun too :slight_smile: