r.ScreenPercentage C++ method?

What is the C++ method that gets invoked for the console command: “r.ScreenPercentage”??

Also does “r.ScreenPercentage” re-created the rendertarget? Or does it just resize the viewport stuff gets rendered into?

hi zezba9000,

you can run console command with this : GetWorld()->Exec(GetWorld(), TEXT(“r.ScreenPercentage”));

Anyway, Epic people says it’s not recommended but whatever do it!!

Thats not good as its slow. It also prints to the log every time that method is called. I’m making dynamic resolution scaling.

You don’t want to use screen percentage for “dynamic resolution scaling” it resizes the render target every time you call it.

Will using “IStereoRendering::AdjustViewRect” adjust the resolution the scene is rendered at? If so that works.

FYI, this is for a custom HMD.

Hi zezba9000,

Did you manage to get dynamic resolution scaling to work without those hitches?