R.I.P. (Laputa Robot)

Have you seen Ghibli’s ‘Laputa - Castle In The Sky’? Of course you do!

The robot character in Laputa is one of my favorite robot characters and it was one of the first things I tried to model, when I started to learn 3D! Just look at that :smiley:

I’m gonna try to recreate my favorite robot character after almost 12 years!
I’m making this based on the robot statue at Ghibli Museum:

Here’s what I’ve done so far [Texture is temporary]

Almost finished with the robot modeling.
Next up, unwrapping and then environment :slight_smile:

Hi amirabd2130,

Looking Good. Are you modelling the parts individually in 3rd party Software, then assembling them inside UnrealEd?

I’m using 3DS Max for modeling. Most of the assemblies has been done in 3DS Max, before exporting them to UE.

Very nice - It’d be great to have a “polished new” version as well as the damaged version - ideally transitional-able between the two states.

I can imagine a few games this model could work well, Perhaps a fighting game, where you are acting as a military enforcer for your creators, or perhaps after their fall - where you must maintain the island, it’s wildlife, functioning systems, perhaps deal with intruders and other events.

Or even a game where the robot is not the main character :smiley: