r.GraphicsAdapter doesn't work in 4.27 with PixelStreaming

I have two graphicCards, 1 Geforce GTX 970 and 1 Geforce RTX 2070. When I Use 4.26, I add r.GraphicsAdapter =1 in engine.ini. It works it can run on my Geforce RTX 2070,but after when i upgrade to 4.27,it doesn’t work,only run on my Geforce GTX 970 . Is there anyone can help me ?

update: I found the reason, when i use PixelStreaming plugin,it doesn’t work。when i remove it,it works。But What can I do if i Use PixelStreaming

I have the same issue.
I don’t use pixel streaming but i have a custom plugin that does that, the adapter doesn’t work.

Were you able to find any workout for this?

It seems selected the graphics adapter by D3D11RHI, How can I use specific adapter? UE5.0.2 is in same situation.