Quote Phase: Looking for Landscape Designer

I’m putting together a quote for a long time client of ours and I need an estimate of how much it would cost to have a desert landscape designed in UE4. If the client is happy with the quote, we will proceed in contacting you for the work.

-5x5 mile desert landscape
-Fully textured
-Landscape itself doesn’t have to be super detailed
-Landscape will be relatively flat with mountains around the edges
-Hill in the middle where vehicle can sit and see 360 degree view. Player will remain on this hilltop
-Foliage that can be seen if camera extremely zooms in, though zooming in will be obscured slightly by camera grain/noise
-Foliage includes saguaro cacti, bushes, desert trees, and brush
-Suitable for day/night lighting

Additional info: Landscape will be modified to be viewed additionally in color thermal infrared, white-hot IR, and black-hot IR.

Feel free to PM me on quotes or any questions that you might have. Thanks!