Quotation marks in BP event name does not get nativized properly

Hey guys, I just wanted to let everybody know, and as well as the UE4 devs.

I came across a BP nativization issue where one of my BPs had an event with quotation marks “” in the name called Apply “Owned” Material to Squad. I could not cook and package the project. The logs (unfortunately I cannot find the logs) mentioned that it couldn’t find the “Owned” operator. So I went ahead and removed the quotation marks, and I was able to package the game properly.

I wanted to ask if other people can also replicate this issue.

Have a great day :slight_smile:

Steps to Replicate

  1. Create a BP file
  2. Create an event
  3. Name the event with quotation marks in it
  4. Go to packaging settings
  5. Set BP nativization to inclusive
  6. Open project launcher
  7. Cook your game

Hi there,

If I’m not mistaken, quotation marks in C++ (which is the programming language blueprints gets “nativized” into) signify a string literal so if you have them in a function name, part of the function name is believed to be a string and the rest of the function name isn’t a proper function name (there are some rules c++ function names must follow). Thus it can’t be nativized. I would just suggest naming functions with only letters and not special characters like , “ ; ‘ and the like in order to prevent these types of issues.

Hope that helps you plain it a bit.

Thanks dude for clarifying the issue