Quiz Game Starter Kit

Quiz Game Starter Kit, done 100% in Blueprints and UMG.

Hello, this is my 3rd UE4 asset :slight_smile: it’s designed to make the creation of quiz and trivia apps more convenient.

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  • Randomly selects questions from a database
  • Mouse and Touch Screen UI (tested on Android)
  • Convenient to add more questions
  • Settings for Force Feedback and Sound


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NOTE: This is a template where you add your own questions, the included ones are for demo purposes.

Great Kit! I posted a comment about it but will repost it here… It works great under windows. I’m trying to compile the Quiz under Android now, and your docs, nor here says anything on how to set it up to work. The main issue I am having is setting of the different versions of Android SDK, Ant and such. Could you please post what your setup looks like so I could try it? Also, the accept the SDK license don’t work when using gradle for whatever reason, so I’m trying to get Ant to work instead. Any ideas on what might be making the accepting button to the SDK not be working inside UE4.22, 4.21? Still, it is a great package. I can not wait to get this to my Android devices. Thanks for your time!

Heys, I’ll see what I can come up with for such a tutorial, but even without it, the procedure is the same as with any other UE4 project, I followed official Epic Games documentation to get it running on that tablet.

When I started with it I downloaded CodeWorksforAndroid from the nvidia website, version 1R6 (R12B).
Additionally I enabled Android in the engine options, that downloaded some files too.
I had to install USB drivers and enable developer mode on my tablet, then I could launch it from the editor, but this step isn’t necessary because you can package for android after the first 2 steps and copy the apk file over.

Hi, when i launch the scene i have this in monitor:

I asked the questions in the tables. But i don

but I don’t understand why I have nothing in the main, nor how to connect my table to the 16 questions.

Hi, try it on a new created project and follow the tutorial on how to add your questions Quiz Game Starter Kit – FPS Game Starter Kit
The main menu being blank indicates either a problem with the font you’re using and that it may be set to a language with special characters, or that something is disconnected (maybe game instance isn’t set in project settings, if you moved the entire game somewhere, config ini files don’t get migrated automatically)

Yes I did the migration. So do I have to set up the ini files? If yes, give me a tip

You can create a new project and copy it from its config folder, or simply go to project settings > maps & modes > and set the game instance to be BP_GameInstance.

ok tnks,

that was the problem