Quixel & Unreal Engine 4

Hi there,

first post, first issues. If i create an asset for UE4 in 3ds max and quixel, my textures are kind of messed up.
This is the 3DO renderer:


Same asset with exportet textures in UE4:

And here the Material.

I turned sRBG off, but this kind of difference? I have this problem on every map in UE4 (lightning conditions are different)
I mean i can turn the brightness down, use own roughness&metallic maps and everything, but this should not the solution. Also the textures are really blurry. Are there settings in UE4 i didnt discover yet? Do i need to create a special material for quixel? This is not the first asset i made (also weapons and stuff) and the problem is everywhere.
Currently i use UE 4.10 and Quixel Suite 2.1.5.


In the 3DO viewer you have to be aware of the HDRi map you use, in your example the used HDRi is very dark so your rock appears almost black. That’s your problem. If you want your rock to be more dark, in your case, take care of your diffuse map: ie make it almost black, too much grey atm :wink:

Since you made the object so metallic it’s picking up the skylighting I think.

In Quixel see where that black ball is at the top mid-left next to direct Light Intensity…switch that to one of the two UE4’s at the end of the list…That’ll help to see what it’ll be like in UE4…also double check your Export Target on your starting DDo screen and make sure it’s set to UE4…I’m a bit confused why Quixel would give you such a white Metal map for rock, should be black (I could be very mistaken though on what you are creating so pay no attention if this is intentional…

First it seems like you need to invert your normal map green channel.
Second, make sure your maps are exported as 8Bit before importing them in UE4.
Third, make sure you are on version 2.1.5. In older versions 3DO is not 1:1 with UE4.
Fourth, when you start working wit Suite 2 make sure you choose UE4 preset from the drop down right when you are importing your baked maps before moving to texturing.

Thanks. I will test all of these on monday.

Hi, i think your object seems to be a rock, so you don’t need metallic info, or put a pure black color in the metallic channel

I got it. I made a master material and with some setup (and RMA packed), its look pretty good.