Quixel Suite 2

Can’t wait to try it on my pc, the laptop just can’t handle the 3D viewer xD

Hey Synaesthesia,

I have a stupid question. I bought Quxel SUITE 2 and love it so far!
My question is about the Dynamask Editor. I just received my Wacom tablet but it still doesn’t work to paint in 3do while having everything set up with Ddo. I might just do something wrong, and if so, what could it be?

hmm tbh I only care about the PBR textures. ^^ I didn’t really find anything that Quixel does better/faster than Substance Designer+Painter, but that might just be personal preference.
Is there a preview / list of the textures that come with the Quixel suite? And will they all be available with a MegaScans subscription/purchase or are there exclusive ones for the suite?

Hey Flinet! Have you updated to Suite 2.01? If not, please do so whenever you get the chance! :slight_smile: Suite 2.01 fixes a lot of Wacom-related issues. If the issue still persists afterward, please stop by the Quixel Live Support group on Facebook and submit a report there. We’ll get it sorted out for you ASAP! :smiley:

XilenceX: Have you tried Suite 2 yet? I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how fast Photoshop can be. As far as a list of textures is concerned, the Suite textures are actually stored in Photoshop pattern files - they’re not separate *.TGAs, for example, so a list wouldn’t be terribly useful. I could take a screenshot of the UI for you so that you can see the base materials and 700+ Smart Materials, but the Smart Materials are actually layered effects and are highly dependent upon input maps for a desired appearance.

A Megascans subscription is not necessary to use Suite textures. :slight_smile: