Quixel Mixer to UE5

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Wondering how to export Mixer Materials to UE5? The built in Bridge browser doesnt seem to link to the same local library I have set up, despite having the same file-path. + Exporting from the external Bridge application results in an error ‘please make sure Unreal is running’. Is the only workaround to import the textures seperately?

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I would also like to know the answer to this.

Previously, I would export from mixer to my library, and then in bridge I would export directly into my unreal project, allowing the bridge plugin to setup my material automatically.

Bridge no longer lets me export to UE5 projects, and it seems like I have to do everything manually now? Also, the new integrated bridge library and the standalone bridge library seem to be entirely separate. How can I move assets from one to the other? Please tell me I don’t have to redownload hundreds of gigs of textures.

I thought these new updates would make it easier to work with quixel assets, but apparently it has done the opposite. Hopefully I’m missing something here.

Have you guys figured it out ? I have bridge installed and unreal bridge plugin working and quixel mixer too. but cant find a way how to open my materials exported from mixer. in standalone mixer folder is empty and in plugin bridge nothing appears appart from metahumans and all the other megascan stuff nothing custom.