Quixel Megascans

Would like to share with the community that do take note that you’ll be automatically billed monthly without setting up any monthly recurring payments. Do head over to Paypal (if you used that to pay) and disable recurring billing after any purchase you made.

When I contacted Quixel tried to find means and ways not to refund the charged amounts. I will never use their service anymore despite all the ‘good’ reviews (they got a small library anyway, unlike the huge library they claimed to have).

megascans IS subscription based, says so when you signup

I wouldn’t blame Quixel for your not reading their terms of service; it’s not exactly hidden.

LOL they do have a huge library

They have a large library, not huge, obviously you’ve never used stock libraries before. I’ve taken the time to browse through the libraries that they have, before signing up, back then. They don’t have ‘tens and millions’ like their video claimed.

And no it wasn’t stated when you add points. Just to clarify, I previously signed up a month, cancelled, then few months later another project came in and I added points. There wasn’t anything on payment page to state they’ll add point again next month automatically which I didn’t need.

Nevertheless I’ve dealt with countless stock libraries as I’m not limited to just ‘megascans’ like some frog-in-the-well whom posted here, most of them would refund the payment if you don’t download anything after being charged and take back the points too.

That’s called honest business.

But Megascan didn’t. That point isn’t even about that, they were being shady, trying to pin point this and that trying to NOT to refund by fault finding, it just pure shady unhonest business, anyway I won’t blame them, cause it seems like all the replies are from middle east and they’re not really ‘swedish’ and yeah, that’s how the middle easterners do business.

It’s common for Western countries to outsource their customer service to countries in the Middle East and India, they’re still a Swedish company based in Sweden.

I literally just signed up to take a look myself and I cannot see any option to add points without subscribing. Every button to download an asset (with the exception of the free ones) is labelled “subscribe” and takes you back to the subscription screen where it says clearly that it’s $19 per month for the individual license. I don’t see any option to buy points without re-activating the subscription.

It’s right there on the subscription pricing page:


They make it quite clear it’s a monthly recurring plan, and the FAQ does state you can cancel at any time.

You can only buy points if you have an active subscription and the price of points is based on your subscription type. The only way you could have topped up your points is if you either resubscribed or had left your subscription running. I’m sorry - whilst I’m not a fan of the way they operate their subscription and licensing model, your failure to cancel your subscription afterwards is entirely on you.

As for Quixel, they’re a Swedish company, based in Sweden, owned by a Swedish person. Racism isn’t tolerated on this forum so consider this a warning.

Edit: @Neoptolemus - they use Zen Desk and their support staff are based in Uppsala.

Unfortunately… It’s not true (maybe it activated my account as ‘top up’ or something I don’t know)

  1. I subscribed Nov, cancelled in Dec.

  2. I was able to topped up points in Jan, then it billed me again in Feb which is why I am puzzled. But paypal said that apparently it wasn’t ‘cancelled’ in my account setting.

Paypal is also behind me, but because I had a ‘subscription’ recorded they couldn’t ask Quixel to refund but they credited me the money back and they’re aware of such incident going on. This applies to other stock libraries too except that they do refund to pacify customers, unlike Quixel.

Nevertheless it should’ve been refunded **if ****the credits are not used **wthether did they customer ‘notice’ or not the recurring statement. Just a simple ‘It’s your fault’ is being a jerk. It’s about honest business.

And fyi check out the video yourself. The scenary doesn’t look a least bit like Sweden, nor the people in the footage or the word ‘Awais Computer’ sound like it. A simple google showed it’s Pakistan.

Thats the reason I said they’re shady, just like many of the asian / UAE countries whom tries to make their product look superb by placing it as ‘western or European’ brand (not saying it’s bad), they put themselves as ‘western’ company like DJI and many others.

Either that or they have entire thingy build and run in UAE. If they did, how is it a Swedish company?

Edit: And they were pretty nasty in replying fyi. The final statement was something like ‘oh I was trying to resolve your issue for you, and since you complained to Paypal we will not do anything and leave it up to them’… replying as if they’re so sure Paypal wouldn’t refund. BAD. Really BAD.

So, they should only digitize stuff in Sweden?

As long is good, who cares?

Is the company registered in UAE or in Sweden?

Never said that.

The general audience cared when it’s new. If it’s ‘west’ it’s always easier to market. It’s a truth you can never deny, and it’s being exploited. Besides, have you experienced the customer service yet? Try it then tell me if it’s ‘good’. Having good content isn’t everything (and as mentioned they’re not ‘tens and millions’ like their video claimed), it’s the whole user experience.

So I register a company in US, have EVERYTHING done in say Parkistan, including phone support, email support, software/ hardware fabrication, am I still a US ‘BASED’ company? *take note the keyword ‘based’). Just like DJI, it’s never an american or europe company to begin with. It’s china.

You’re a really piece of work. You believe you got ripped off and all you do is complain about unrelated things.

Just two questions:
1 - why did you bought a product without doing a proper research?
2 - why did you kept your payment info after you unsubscribed or even after the first payment?

About point 1:

Seems to me that you didn’t care much about “honesty” back then.

Maybe, just maybe, the video shows the original scanning rig being used in Pakistan because one of the Quixel co-founders and creators of the scanner lives in Pakistan…

Also saying a company is based in one country doesn’t mean they can’t do business in other countries. Epic is based in North Carolina, yet they have studios in other states and countries. That video is 4 years old too…