Quixel Megascans with VXGI and HBAO

A small scene made using Quixel Megascans in UE4 with VXGI and HBAO

Final Scene:

Unlit Mode:

Detail Lighting:

VXGI Diffuse:

Ambient Occlusion:

GBuffer Overview:

really impressive would love to see more pictures and how is the performance and your rig !

keep it up !

Thank you @Amiot :slight_smile:

Two more screenshots

Without AO:

VXAO only (no VXGI). Default settings without any tweaks:

It looks amazing! :slight_smile:

Looks amazing! Not for games right? How is the FPS and how big id your level? Have any gameplay along with VXGI? (Sorry all questions)

Depends. This scene is not at all optimized (95% of assets are tessellated) so FPS was crawling. By reducing VXGI number of cones, sparsity and all that settings it can indeed run much faster (This scene was using VXGI map size of 256 which is pretty intense). For games you might want to reduce it to 64 or 32 depending on your scene. (r.VXGI.MapSize is the console command)

This level is small and all the assets are placed according to the camera view :wink:

Nope. Not yet :wink:

Hey man! this is awesome.
I forked VXGI and HBAO into my build.

How do you activate this features?

To enable HBAO, you need to type this console command in console (` key). NOTE: You can also type this in Output Log: r.HBAO.Enable 1 (1 to enable and 0 to disable)

To activate VXGI select your light, switch to Movable and enable VXGI Indirect Lighting checkbox under VXGI group.

Both VXGI and HBAO is controlled in Post Process Volume.

Could you perhaps elaborate on how you set up your materials? With the meshes like rocks I am only able to get a strange solid color for the entire thing. Any pointers about the displacement and how you set up your shaders would be very helpful!

Here is the Material Setup (There are lots of Switch Parameter nodes that you might not required. I add it for experiment purpose only)
Make sure you have Used with VXGI Voxelization turned on in Material settings.

You are wonderful!