Quixel Megascans with UE

So, I see the announcement that Megascans is included in Unreal, for free access to assets. After logining into my UE account, and downloading the assets for the first tutorial, Quixel said I need to purchase a $100/month subscription. So it’s very annoying.

Scroll down on that subscription page to find instructions to enable Megascans for UE4.

Ok, I thought that being logged in already, via UE login, the authorization would be transparent to the other page. I guess it’s not in the same domain, thus requiring a re-auth.

Hmm. The authorization is sketchy and often drops out to once again ask for bucks. Kinda annoying again. Does Quixel need a DevOps engineer?

Maybe you need to turn down your ad blocker settings for the unreal/epic/quixel domains?