Quixel Megascans Surfaces: World Aligned Textures / Real World Scale. Options?

So I was a little surprised that the megascans surfaces are not scaled to real world by default, considering they are photo scans with a scale clearly defined (most are 2x2m).

I found a French YT video and, not speaking French, did my best to follow along!

I made a new master material, which looks like the one below, and then switched over the parent in the megascans instance. I ensured all the names and groups were copied over exactly so that assigned textures on the instance joined up automatically.

Note the only change I made from the video was the “texture_size” parameter which is now a 3 vector. Some of the megascans textures I am using have a rectangular 2 x 4m size.

My question is…

Is this the correct way to do this? I kind of assumed Megascans would default to this since everything has a world scale. Have I missed an easier way?

Hello Booni333

I have the same question. Is this the still best way to get materials from quixel world aligned?

Greetings from the Netherlands

I’ve already spent 2 days trying to figure it out with no success. I’m not sure if your solution is the best, but it works, at least. Thank you for sharing!