Quixel Megascans / Mixer in Archviz?

Just wondering if any ArchiViz creators invest much time in using Quxels megascan in UE workflow? Adding on to that, has anyone tried the new beta version of the ‘Mixer’ app they have just launched? As far as I can see, its an app to create non-destructive materials through combining several Megascan textures, with an output similar to the Substance Designer plug in.

I’m trying to see if this new Mixer app has its place in ArchViz and what integration there is if any into the UE.

I didn’t use the mixer yet but I use both megascans and substance designer in my workflow. I mixed my megascans textures with SD so far. If you go to my post about the Tower Studio project I made you can see the effects there.

I’ve just had a look at your project - very well done. I can see why these two programmes would work well together.

I’ve been using it quite a bit. It’s superb and I absolutely recommend having a go. It’s far less complex than Substance, though more limited, ultimately.

You can easily pack textures into RGBA channels, or keep them independent, then export straight to UE4. AFAIK there is still no way to link it to the Quixel Bridge (which brings megascans stuff straight to UE4 with zero setup required, inclusive of master materials).

Whether it has a place in Archviz… well, depends of there are projects that can harness the results.