Quixel High Poly Mesh import warning into UE4 wastes my time

Hey! I’ve tried to find an answer to this but cant. Everytime I import a full polly mesh into my UE4 4.25 project from quixel i get the warning message "

You are about to import a high poly mesh. This may cause Unreal to stop responding. Press Ok to continue"

I wish there was a way to disable this because if import 20 items, I have to sit infront of my computer and wait for the message 20 times, rather than just import and walk away until its done.


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Did you ever find a fix for this? I’m currently waiting for 50-odd assets to import lol

Unfortunately theres no fix for it, you will need to sit there and click for every single time unless you can create a python script that automatic suppresses that specific error message. As much as i love quixel and theyre doing a great thing for the community, the quixel bridge app is incredibly and horribly unoptimised.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on why you feel that Bridge isn’t optimized, @Unraisedcube - please write in to if you’d like for us to look into the issues you’re experiencing. With regards to importing high poly meshes, @dopebeatandthat, there are unfortunately engine limitations that aren’t possible for us to bypass when importing.

I can only second this, the message is unnecessary and annoying when batch importing. This should be asked max once not with every asset.