Quixel Bridge won't open from dropdown menu

Hi - I have issue with Quixel Bridge not loading from UE 5.3 (and 5.4) drop down menus … spent 15 plus hours searching forums YouTube etc etc. I have uninstalled the Quixel Bridge plug-in and re-installed. It’s ‘ticked’ in the plugin box. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled UE5. I can get it working from the desktop App Quixel.com… BUT … realised this is now unsupported as on the export settings the highest version is only 4.27 . I am on a high spec MacBook M2 Pro … I have disabled my virus protection but still same.

solved … after 4 weeks inc reinstalling -I spotted it as a very small tab - I closed it and then it opens as a new tab FFS