Quixel bridge plugin on my list

yo i was watching the Unreal Engine 5 - Setup & Use Quixel Bridge - YouTube that seems to be recommended and says i need quixel bridge but i cant find the plugin on unreal or in unreal or on my list of market items if any one has a link to were i can get it or ANY idea what im doing wrong really aprecheat it

It’s integrated in the engine from 5 onwards.

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im re installing the engine i looked in the edit thanks though if your still up i can post update

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yeah i look and i cant find it

and its not in the epic lantcher ether any one know whats going on i kinda need this to make games right am i missing some part of this

idk if i can use meta human at all with out the quix bridge pluging i think this will help me a lot if i can get it working

Are you running 5.0? Have you tried 5.02?

I’m starting to wonder if I installed it now?.. Have you looked in the launcher?

i updated last night and last night i redownloaded the hole unreal5

yes yes i think i need the origonal link on the market place but when i go to look i cant find it

Get it from Quixel

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See above…

yep looks like its going good until i have in running from inside the editor ill keep updated thank you this expence has helped me feel a little more confidant in this form thank you

hopfully this isnt a problem we are on unreal5.0.2 not 4.27

it looks not at all like this is wrong and is going to make problems down the line it is not right


don’t do that…

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i manuly monted in the plugins folder for unreal5 i need to have a some and hopefully i can see the restart but i think i just broke my unreal5 again and need a new one but i dont know what im doing and just started this is bad ui right its now my failt is this

thats the video i watched last night at the very top

this is the exact video i posted at the start of all this that was my first steps