Quixel bridge plugin for unreal?

i discovered this plugin for unreal and downloaded it, how do i install it? was it automatically installed?
what exactly does it do?
how does one access it?
i was hoping it might simplify loading content from megascans into unlreal, which i have yet to find the answer to as well.
not finding any data on this…
unreal constantly tells me plugins are available, but there isn’t anything in there regarding quixel at all, so not finding the answer there, either.

Hi @anon13451025! Here’s a guide to installing the plugin: https://help.quixel.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002127457-Installing-the-Megascans-Plugin-for-UE4-on-Windows

The plugin is an automation tool that allows you to export from Bridge to UE.

thanks for the reply- yes i understand this but where is it?
in quixel, i got a message telling me i can/should get this plugin and so i downloaded it but from there nothing happened. no indication it was being installed, no request to install or where it was downloaded to. the download took place within quixel itself.
i finally found that in quixel there are export settings but it wants to know where the export plugin is- i downloaded it earlier today but simply cannot find it [and at least now i see it did not automatically install itself after downloading]
this is the entire problem i am having-

odd, your message did not show up before.
appears more helpful for that, thanks very much.
but i did not get any of those dialogue boxes for the installation after downloading the plugin. it merely indicated it was downloaded. no request to select the library location, etc.

By “Quixel” you’re referring to Bridge? For additional assistance, please write to support@quixel.com and one of my agents will look into assisting you as soon as practicable.

well it seems to go by different names. i got it all working finally. i had to uninstall and reinstall several times for it to work properly but it’s good now thank you.