quixel bridge NOT WORKING

hey had this working after the 424.1 but due to having to use 3 engine types and swtiching aorund i htink it screwed up soemthing and now when i use the quixel bridge to sign in via epic games it doesnt sign in i get back to the base login page , and yesterday i was getitng weird errors at quixels page too im able to get into launcher and quixels page BUT not use bridge
and thus the video they ahve is 100% useless as it starts off inbridge which i cannot get into.

This is why i was so frsutrated in other post too cause i have to download a 50GB pack to get one thing i wanted in a collection off the marketplace…add that to other issues pf migration of assets and this plugin not working in that version but is in another and ya welcome to development hell.

the idea was to bring a bunch of creators together and make a series of shorts based on free stuff epic gave us…using some modders for blender and some custom designs as we go. ugh…guess this is just not gonna happen.

This sounds like an issue with Bridge. Have you tried an uninstall/reinstall? Otherwise, I’d recommend contacting their support: Submit a request – Quixel

yes and i had it working before they updated it and got it working then they updated again and since hav enot been able to login to the bridge
im just at point a saying to hell with this…i dont have the hard drive sapce to get 500gb of stuff for 1 gb i actually need not to mention the time its gonna take

im logged into quixel np , and the launcher and in the engine , this middleware is a huge issue

and it looks like to do this im going to have to go thorugh password recovery tomake sure the password im using for this works

which then means logging in and back out of the engine and quixels website and that lil thingy that says remember me doesnt work

resintalled 424.1 , resinstalled bridge changed passwords logged into bridge used program files/epic games path for plugin
installed plugin
got port error
THEN fired up 424.1 and saw megascan green button hten retried export and it works
so that error requires the engine to be running

also ran into issue with epic launcher where it just ran and ran and until i fired up the engine via direct link it jsut hung there…firing up 424.1 poped the login so i could relogin to launcher

that about solves a number a issues and yea prior to this i cleared all dirs that had stuff in them regarding all the softwares