Quixel Bridge In UE5x


Quixel Bridge for UE4x can work on his one and dont need to keep open any Unreal project.
Then, when the asset is ready and we want to “EXPORT”, yes, i understand the need to have both the Unreal project and Quixel Bridge open to perform this action.

In opposite, Quixel Bridge for UE5x because it is embedded, obligated to be run from a given opened UE Project.
Which can be short and sweet for reasonable asset, but, this become a massive draw back for more large asset.
For asset like Metahuman the process of generating and downloading can be very, very long. During this time any possible problems can happens, Unreal crash, bad manipulations, closing the wrong window, and so on.
Anything that can lead generally to have to restart the full process.
A lot of time and power while vampiring the computer resources memory, cpu, gpu, just for waiting.

Do you have plan to implement one safe way to generate and download large asset on standalone mode like it is possible with Quixel Bridge for UE4x ?