Quixel Assets take up too much space

After downloading many assets from Quixel and importing them into UE4 through Bridge, I have run out of space on my ssd (disk C). Is there a way I could save the megascans assets on a separate hdd and access them like normal even with my project still on the ssd (disk C)? Thanks for the help in advance!

you can have megascans library folder in any disk and store all the assets that you own in that library folder after downloading. But if you want to use them in your project you have to import them. If you want to save space make sure that megascans library is not your C disk.

Oh thanks! But so I won’t be able to split my project into different “parts” to keep in different drives right?

On windows systems you can make a symbolic link from your C: drive to another drive. So UE thinks it’s getting everything from one place, but it’s actually accessing two drives:

Thanks a lot! i’ll definitely try it out! :slight_smile: