Quit Game node is not working on IOS

Im trying to add a QuitGame button in my game. Ive tried using the Quit Game node, using the Quit Game node with the playController plugged in the Specific Player pin, doing the same thing from the Instance Class, and using ExecuteConsoleCommand(“Exit”). None of these seem to actually quit or close the game, they just make the game freeze. These work fine in the editor on my desktop, but not in the build on my ipad. Is there any way to actually make a button that exits and closes the game on IOS?

The Apple Human Interface Guidelines suggest that you should never be programmatically force quitting an app on iOS. If the user presses the “Home” button there are the respective methods, that you can implement to handle the case. Also if there’s anything in particular you want to do when the game goes into background/foreground mode, you can do so in one of the methods that get called when switching states. For further reference you can check out the following document Apple Developer Documentation. I think the Match3 example game was showing how to do that exactly.