Quimeras - A Fictional Action Game

Hello Unreal Comunnity
I’ve been working on this GAME for Three Years and finally finished it. Now just fix bugs and add voices. Although this is a long and patient process, its creation was priceless.
Quimeras(Chimeras) - Trailer

Quimeras is a sci-fi game that brings together the scent of great games like the "Resident Evil "Shooting System, “Tomb Raider” Puzzles solving, “Prince of Persia” exploration and parkour, and “Metal Guear Rising” melee combat.
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For more screenshots and information you can visit my Instagram , or see my Game Apresentation

Just leave a comment if you are curious or interested about the game, or if you prefer, in the Trailer comments on Youtube, thank you all very much and see you.

I am really interested on this. I feel like it would be a great game.

Thanks Stephane, i hope so