Quiet laptop for mobile-game development

I wanna use UE4 for not heavy games - for Android. I prefer laptops, but powerful laptops usually produce much noise from fan. So, is what models would you recommend (which quiet and performant enough, so that UE4 can be used with comfort) ?

I’m not sure there’s really any quiet laptops or rather any that are more quiet than normal–when you use a power intensive program then the fans will usually speed up, happens to all computers.

You aren’t going to find much for quiet laptops that will run Unreal Engine 4 well, but I think I’ve heard the Microsoft Surface and Surface Book are quiet and can run UE4, but you’ll want to do more research than just taking my word on it.

What’s your budget? Why does it need to be quiet? Is having a desktop and a laptop not an option?

$400; because I don’t like constant fan noise; I prefer mobility.

You won’t get any laptop that will run UE4 well at that price.

I think this might be the best laptop you could find around that price, but there isn’t any reviews about it’s noise or loudness. And obviously it wont run the editor well. $600 is probably where you would start getting a decent experience with UE4. $800 is where you start getting good specs.

For the noise issue, try to use power saving features and adjusting the fan profiles, and get some headphones.

Sadly, the answer is that unless you’re happy playing on minimum settings at a low resolution, you won’t find a laptop capable of running UE4 smoothly for under $1000 unless you go refurbished or second-hand off Craigslist or something.

UE4 is very GPU heavy, and unfortunately that is usually the most expensive component, with dedicated cards only appearing around the $800+ mark.

That said, if you just want something that can run it well enough just for doing programming / blueprints and testing them, then go for a fast processor and lots of RAM and take the hit on the GPU. You could probably get something around the $400-$600 mark, just don’t expect to be able to actually play anything, but at least the editor will be reasonably responsive.

I don’t know if this is what you are looking for, but this is my setup and it works great for me. A mid 2014 Macbook Pro with a 750m, and a Thunderbolt 2 external GTX 970 when I am at home. I am running bootcamp with Windows 8.1 The mac performs very well as a mobile solution, and when I get home I can plugin the gpu and get the extra power I really need. The gpu is also contained in its own case, so it is somewhat portable as well. The mac uses an irregular fan blade pattern, that makes it very quiet when the fans are running at full throttle. I am using Noctua fans on the gpu, so it also runs very quiet. I hope this helps. I guess this is a bit out of the 400 dollar range, but maybe it will give you some ideas.