Quicky, Please Reply to: What Mouse Do You Recommend or Use?

If you do read this, and happy with your mouse please state the brand and type mouse you use with UDK.

I got two generic ones already and both suck.
My main mouse is a Magic Mouse, which is awesome - but useless for UDK.

Any ppl using the Connexion 3D space nav products?

Thank you

I’m using a Logitech M705. It’s good enough for me, have had no issues so far. It’s certainly not the best though. No mouse I’ve had so far beat the magic mouse, but as you said, that’s useless for UE, or Blender.

I have a "Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical 1.1 " which was included in my old dell package and since then I’m using it in UDK, UE4, blender, 3ds max, Photoshop, games,… :slight_smile:

By the way, normally UDK questions belong into this forum: UDK - Epic Games Forums :wink:

i can’t use any mouse other than my Razer Mamba now, Mouse is personal preference though , the mamba fits my hand perfectly. I’ll be really sad the day they discontinue that model…

I think we need an offtopic board on the forums.

Thnx folks :slight_smile:

@fighter5347 alright, will keep it in mind.

I’m a big fan of the MX518. Simple no-frills optical with Back/Next buttons on the side that are hugely useful in Visual Studio and web browsers. IIRC it’s been discontinued/replaced by the G400 series.

Michael Noland

I use a Dell pack in mouse. It’s got two buttons and a wheel, wow! At least it doesn’t still have one of those track *****.

I love the Razor Deathadder. It’s two buttons on top with a clickable wheel for the middle, and two thumb buttons. Great mouse.

I like to use the official Epic version of this:

Good DPI settings for my 4k monitor, lots of buttons for hotkeying, and arbitrary glowing lights (oooh aaaaah).

I set my side-panel hotkeys to the viewport navigation, copy, paste, undo, redo, delete, and end. It makes general workflow easier with the editor. The only thing different with mine is the big “Unreal Engine” logo on it.


I use the Logitech G100s Gaming mouse…works good and is programmable…good price at Best Buy…That g600 sure looks nice though…

I’m a bit of mouse fetishist. I have tried so many gamer mice over the years and finally settled with what I think is the best none-glowing none-bs max-performance mouse for gaming, the Zowie FK.

Of course the only way for you to find something suitable is to try them yourself. There are factors like hand size, taste and other preferences that might make you hate a mouse that someone else loves.

Oh yeah I am indeed also using a SpaceNavigator, which doesn’t currently work in UE though.

I am quickly replaying: use the mouse you like.

Thank you folks.

This give me enough to compare.

Something with two buttons and a scroll wheel. The rest is up to ergonomics and your budget. I own a Logitech G500 and I’ve been happy with it when gaming and working. At work I use an Evoluent vertical mouse. Needs a bit of getting used to but it’s pretty good.

nothing with angel snapping prediction and or acceleration