Quickie Blueprint Example: Spawn a Replicated Actor on the server-side using Blueprint

Here’s how you do it, since I’ve been asked a few times :wink:


You guys are too awesome. Thank you!

Well there goes me being productive at work today, I need to mess around with this a bit! :smiley:

im just wondering how i get in contact with someone in the ark dev team to fix problems with server side spawning? im currently making a teleport system and it works in pie but not in ark

Can you explain more about what is this do? I’m new to UnreadEngine so dont really familiar with the term like actor, bp


@gankey Does it work in Local Play at all?

@ Nguyen Ken; Take a look at Canna-Ark’s “Distraction Arrow” for a real example of how it was used. Basically before I blueprinted in the authorities for the spider to spawn in on server side, it was just spawning in client side. The problem with that is, if it is not called on by the server, then it won’t actually be spawned in a server setting! So how you fix that is by using a blueprint like this to dictate it’s spawn being on server side and giving it those needed authorities. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Any idea of how to set the ownership of the spawned actor?

asked many times no reply unfortunatly

I gave the best answer I could in the other thread it was asked in, but I don’t truly know myself at this point. I mentioned how I would first attempt to try it, but I don’t think that would work as intended :confused:

I wanted originally the Distraction Arrow to summon a spider that is owned by the player who summons it, but I couldn’t ever figure out a way at the time (was in a way older version of the dev kit).

i have tryed a few workarounds and asked a few game devs that i no and we have all come to the conclusion that without proper info in the devkit and it being restricted so much that almost 80% of what we do will either cause problems with conflicting graphs or just not work cause every game is different and every game is setup different unfortunately so unless they give us access to the proper files not just pick and choose what they give us alot of what we wish to do will just end in failure anyway…

Well, any idea on how to access the cheat codes maybe? If i could get a peak at how the forcetame command works.

On the other hand it should be possible.( one day i hope) to set ownership in the graph :confused:

Well i ll make my dodo kamikaze hyper agressive then, it should work.

Any idea on how to make a dino attack structures in AI ? ( will look into it, but if anyone knows already…)

How to assign a targeting team for a spawned actor from an item

Here you go;

Implement a tick in the blueprint

Then get all actors in range

Then get the targeting team of the actors within range and the class

If it is a shooter character with the same targeting team as the object, then have it do the desired action (use a Boolean to only do it once upon entering the range)

legend <3 have u got that on a graph? (for the bping post and wiki?)

This is great, thanks. Is there any way to get what object the projectile hit? Tried the standard “Event hit” but that never gets called for the arrow for some reason.


Anyone knows how can i get a list of personal or tribe OWNED dinos in a range of 50 meters of a structure and randomly generate an egg of one of them in the inventory of an structure?