Quickest way to know which blueprint has compile error?


If you create the program with 20 blueprints and get a message that there is a blueprint error.
What would be the quickest way to locate the compile error of that blueprint?
Any debug log of blueprint?

Thanks in advance

Double click on the error within the compiler results window and it should jump to the error.

Thank you.

:smiley: You are welcome!

there is no error to double click on

If you Hit Play and there are blue print errors you will get a list of blueprints that have errors in them. Note the files that have the errors. Then click “No”. (If you click yes it will ignore the errors and not give you the list). Then Open one of the blue prints, hit the compile button. In the Compiler Results tab there will be a list of errors. Clicking on lines in that list will open the function with the error. Often the specific node that has an issue will have the word “ERROR” in red below it.

having the same issue here. None of those options are available to me. Do I need to enable a hidden window or something?