Quickest way to create Unity-style 'Prefabs'

I’m trying to find a way to create a prefab like object in UE4.

I’ve experimented with the Blueprint system, but run into some issues with scaling (I’d like the full blueprint to scale together, not relative scaling for each item inside of the blueprint). And I can’t seem to figure out how to expose the materials, so I can continue to mess with them as a blue-print.

Hopefully this makes sense, just trying to find something quick and easy without diving into hours of blueprint tutorials. I tried grouping, but this has some pivot and scale issues too.

I think this is what actors are for.

Blueprints are the way to go.
The scaling as you want it could only be done if its one mesh.
Or, n addition to scaling each individual object, you would have to adjust its position, which can easily be done via the construction script.
For materials you would need to create a material variable and set the mesh material property to its value, also in the constrction script.

would the scaling issue still occur if the individual objects were connected by sockets?

Actually a good question. Im not sure if sockets move accordingly when the BP is scaled. If so, other components would move as well, thus no need to reposition them.
So without testing, my guess is: nope, you would have to move the sockets…